A Fun, Free Summer

When you are going through divorce, the money is tight. Suddenly attorneys are quoting incredible dollar amounts for retainers, depositions, etc. The money goes fast!

You can have fun with your kids for free so don’t let it stop you from getting out and exploring the world. You and your kids need to have fun and break up the stress. There are many fun, free things to do here in Minnesota.

For example, yesterday I was at the Re dedication service on Victory Memorial Drive in Minneapolis. It was a beautiful day for it and they had all kinds of things for kids to see and do, including putting together a model airplane. There are things like that happening in the community all the time so try to seekthem out.

The re dedication brings me to another wonderful free activity, free concerts. I go watch my boyfriend perform in the Robbinsdale City Band. They played at the re dedication today, but they play in several different locations throughout the summer. They are not the only band that provides free entertainment. You could see the Plymouth Concert Band, the Minnesota ValleyCommunity band, the Hopkins Westwind Concert Band, among others. According to the Star tribune, we have more Community Bands per capita than any other state! Even before I knew my boyfriend, I would go to one of my favorite places in Minnesota, Lake Harriet. I’d just walk around the lake or take in one of the concerts. At the Band shell they have free music all summer long, also. There are tons and tons of Community Bands around the country and you can check them out here. Believe me, they love for you to come enjoy the music. Keep it in mind.

Lake Harriet does movies in the park, 6 nights per week. Kids love it. See the schedule here. Some other area parks do this as well, although not 6 nights per week. Check at a park near you to see if they do. The Crystal Cove Aquatic Center does movies at the pool and other special events, but there is an admission fee.

Check in your city newsletter for events near you. Near where I live there are a variety of things that kids would enjoy. At the Crystal Airport they have an annual open house. The Brooklyn Park historical Farm has some storytelling nights. Bloomington has a Monday Morning in the Park series of events to enjoy. Most cities have something going on. If you don’t have a newsletter with the schedule, call your city Parks and Recreation department for the info.

One of my favorites, but seemingly little known to people in the area, are our observatories. Take your children to see things they have never seen before. You don’t have to have a telescope. The facility has some high powered telescopes and usually the amateur astronomers who do bring their telescopes will let you look through theirs, as well.They can see the craters of the moon, flares shooting out of the sun and the planets and galaxies. My favorite is always to see Saturn’s rings and all of its moons. I go to Onan Observatory for Star Parties. It is fun for children and adults. If you want to go with your sweetie when the kids are with the other parent, it’s kind of romantic, too! There are other observatories to choose from, Cherry Grove Observatory, Metcalf Observing Field , and Long Lake Conservation Center, too! I like to spread the word about these because I don’t think too many people know about this. It is really fascinating. Plus, I think when you see the stars and planets, it makes one realize how small we are in the Universe and how much smaller yet, our problems with the Family Court really are in the scheme of a life!

I can’t forget Como Park Zoo in St. Paul. Who doesn’t have memories of that from childhood if you grew up here? It is still free, which in and of itself makes me want to go there. I hope it remains free for all to enjoy.

You can always find things to do at Three Rivers Park District, too. They offer Free Family Fun Days and Dragonfly collecting. If you don’t mind paying small fee they have really fun Full Moon Events.

There really is an abundance of things to do and see in Minnesota. This is just a small sampling. I’ll share whatever fun things I should find in the future and hope that you have a great, fun, free summer. I hope it’s free of family court, too!

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