The Minnesota State Bird has Appeared in Mass!

I know.  I know.  This is supposed to be a happiness blog!  Mosquitoes are nothing but downers and literal blood suckers! This is a warning.  They are out in mass quantities, read to attack.  The best I can do is share some information and tips on maybe keeping them at bay.  It is a tall order in Minnesota.  This I know! 

I have dogs and boy, oh, boy, last night I was wishing I didn’t.  Every time they wanted to go outside, a group of mosquitoes decided they should follow them in!  There were mosquitoes everywhere.  My son and I are wondering if we dare go outside ever again!  I am wondering if it might be better to get some goats to replace the need for mowing,  or maybe I need to buy to suit like this:

No that seems too hot and I like to be outside when I can.  I love to hang out down by the lakes and in the parks.  I am even planning a visit to Onan Observatory, now Eagle Lake Observarory,  soon with my boyfriend and kids.

As with all pests, people or otherwise, do not let them ruin your plans!  Maybe this article from webmd can help, at least with the mosquitoes. 

Here is hoping your day, your week and your weekend is pest free, no matter the kind. 

Image courtesy of SweetCrisis /

Image courtesy of victor habbick /

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