Can You Overcome Life Difficulties?

Life can deal many blows.  You may experience the death of someone close to you.  You may experience divorce.  You may see tough financial times and be unable to pay your bills.  Many people these days get foreclosed on and have to move out of a house they love.

We have never been promised that life would be easy.  If life was without bad times, how would we understand and appreciate the good?  How would we gain strength?  How would we learn what it is like to persevere?

As humans, we experience times that we find so emotionally draining that we feel as though we can’t go on, but go on we do.  These experiences are filled with lessons, if we chose to pay attention.  It may also be that as humans, we go through experiences so that we can share what we learn from those lessons, with others when they go through similar experiences in their lives.

To approach a difficult situation with the attitude, “what can I learn from this?” as opposed to, “Why me?”, can help you see the event as an opportunity for growth and learning.  You may learn that you are independent of another, when they can no longer be with you for whatever reason.  You may learn that you can live with less than what you thought you could.  You may gain confidence where it was severely lacking in your past, and you may find your voice, and with it, a way to express yourself so that others can hear and understand you.

Tough times may be a lesson not only for you, but for your children, your neighbors, your friends and families.  If you handle it badly, they may see an example of how NOT to handle situation, but if you handle it with grace, they may see that you move past tough times more quickly.

You can overcome if you allow yourself to experience difficult emotions, but not to wallow in them, and not let the situation take over your life, keeping you stuck in one place.  You can overcome if you believe that life is always changing and has ups and downs, and learn to adapt to these changes.  Being open to growth and willing to learn more about yourself and your life will help you look at tough times as what they really are, a temporary state of being.

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