Something About Courage

I have posted this video before, but thought it was high time to post it again.  Lately, I have talked to so many people who are struggling and do not know what to do.  Fear keeps them paralyzed and the Family Court System turns them into someone they do not want to be.  They are misjudged, mistreated and misunderstood and have to wake up and face the injustice every single day.

Life can be difficult and many of us experience days when it is hard to drag ourselves out of bed, but when you are entrapped in a court battle that seems never ending, it is enough just to try to exist.  Living stops.  Fear takes over and renders one powerless and hopeless.  The people involved have no idea the impact they have on your life.  That is something I try to always keep in mind when I work with people who are struggling.  Please pray that I always remember and that I do not give false hope, but that I can uplift those people and help them move forward with their hopes, their dreams, their children and their lives.

If I could give them just one thing…I would give them the courage to face each and every day.

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