And There in Lies the Problem

I have long said, and I know I am not alone in thinking, that the problem with our Family Court System is that it is a system that polices itself.  Justice is neither swift nor just most of the time, and I caution anyone planning to tread there.  Those who know my story know that I did fight the beast and win, only to have it kick my ass again when things should have been long laid to rest.  Bad advice from an attorney was mainly the reason that happened, all because I did not want to pony up the dough to retain the brilliant lawyer I had when I went for sole custody in 2006.  Times have changed even since then.  It has become too risky to try for sole custody.  The law has changed and is not as clear about reasons to change joint legal custody and shared decision making is not as clear as it used to be.  Joint legal decision making is the rebuttable presumption in Minnesota.  You can read that under the best interest standards in Minnesota statute 518.17, subdivision 2 in the paragraph under (d), here.  You are up against massive group think when you enter the Family Court arena with your child and without knowing ahead of time just how upside down that world is, the very core of your being is shaken.  It truly is astonishing that any of us make it out with our sanity intact.  This post isn’t about joint legal, but it was worth mentioning because of my case and the people I work with and the despicable people they try to co-parent with.

The problems in the Family Court system involve much more than custody.  There is at least one parent who becomes the bad guy, but sometimes both parents are victims of unscrupulous judges.  You will often hear about “gray areas” in family law and “judges discretion”.  These terms are just excuses for bad behavior, and the reason that Family court has become so broken.

Which brings me to the point of this post.  I thought the following video is informative for my readers and could be important to anyone who had judge Caroline H. Lennon on their family court case.  Even if she was not your judge, John Myser’s story might send you to do a little bit of your own research.  Watch the video and share with anyone who might be interested.

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