Dating Tips For Women- Important Things Every Woman Should Be Aware Of Before Going On A Date

Read the following informative article from Guest blogger Amy:

Dating can be an incredibly satisfying and exciting experience, or a devastatingly bad one. All too often, women complain that it is the latter. It is sad to see so many women make mistakes while dating over and over again. You end up finding men who never treat you the way you deserve to be treated.

In many cases the fault lies in how you approach dating rather than the men themselves. If you are new or returning to the dating scene after a long time, or have been unlucky with it so far, here are a few important dating tips for women before going on a date:

Be cool and relax
Do you have a big date coming up? It is understandable to be excited about a date, but do not pressure yourself to be smart, interesting, and alluring. If you do, you just end up imitating a set of desirable personalities and not showing your own. A man would want to date the real women, so be yourself and the magic will happen if you both click.

Dress well
Now, being yourself does not mean going to a date like a slouch. Get a good-looking, but comfortable, dress for yourself. Pick something that looks and feels great, and suits your age and personality.

Be punctual and respectful
A date is not exactly like a job interview, but some of the rules for both are same. Be punctual and show up on time, and be polite to the waiters or waitresses serving you. You do not want to be ‘that’ customer in front of your date.

Stay away from the phone
If you have a habit of looking at Facebook and Twitter updates on your phone every few minutes, stay away from it. Checking on the phone incessantly and ignoring the person in front of you is one of the rudest things you could do, especially on a date.

Observe and keep cool
So your date has been going really well until now, but the bill arrives at the table and mayhem and confusion ensues. This happens all the time, so take the high road and let the date lead. If he wants to pay, let him. If you offer to split the bill, follow up on it. Avoid making statements just for the heck of it, and do not bring up the gender role issues right now. If the date goes well and you both get comfortable around each other, you can have a nice and calm debate about it later on.

Be decisive
The above dating tips for women talked about letting the man take the lead, but that does not mean you should wait for him to make each and every decision. Be decisive and choose whatever you want to have instead of saying “I don’t know”, or “What do you think?”

Listen and be present at the moment
Do not overthink or overanalyze each and every move you make or sentence you speak. Be present and show interest in what your date is saying. Listen and avoid making the decision completely one-sided.

Break the ice and acknowledge your fumbles
Nobody is perfect, and there will be moments where you fumble or say something awkward. The natural instinct would be to avoid talking about it at all, but sometimes bringing it up and acknowledging the elephant in the room can break the ice. It will make you and your date more comfortable.

Amy is a guest blogger interested in writing the articles related to dating and relationships. She is passionate about her writings and she writes mostly on women dating tips.

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