10 Days from Election Day!

We are 10 days away from the election.  I have not said much about the election because that is not the point of my blog.  It has been difficult for me not to get into political posts because I am a huge political geek and the stakes this year are very high.

When I was younger, I had no interest in politics.  I was married to a military guy and I started to take some interest during desert storm in 1990,  the year I was pregnant with my oldest son.  I did not know too much about foreign policy and being a new mom, did not have too much time to learn.  All I knew was that my husband could have been sent off to a war that I knew nothing about.  They say that when laws or policies affect you and your family, that is when you will begin to care about politics.

My interest was sparked when I began the overwhelming journey through the family court process.  The more my rights were violated, the more I learned about this insanity that is divorce with children, the more angry I became.  Who ARE these people who make such crazy laws????  I started to learn much, much more about who the players were and how things got as crazy as they are.

Do you know that you get to vote for these judges?  Some judges are appointed, but some will be on your ballot.  I had voted when I was young, but had never paid much attention to the judges until I saw the name of my family court judge on my ballot one year.  Wow.  Was I going to campaign against him!  He ran unopposed, unfortunately.

If you are going through a horrific family court nightmare, it would be to your benefit to start finding out who the legislators and judges are.  Most judges that I have seen on the family court these days, do not apply law.  They use entirely judicial discretion.  They believe that they know much better than you, how your children should be raised.  If we are going to make a change to the family court system, we must know who the people are that we have put on the bench.  If you need to find out who is on your ballot, you can usually go to your state’s Secretary of state website.  You should be able to see a sample ballot for your district.  This is where you can go to find out about Minnesota elections.

You may notice that several judges are running unopposed.  That is something we have to change.  The system will not change as long as we have the same arrogant, backwards thinkers on the bench.  It is too late this year to make sure that we get candidates to run against all judges, but it is something I want to work on in the future.

Until then, go through the list of judges on your ballot and find those who do have an opponent.  Check them out.  Look at some of their decisions, if you can, but do not judge the judges by what they do right before an election.  See if they have a website.  Search the internet for news articles involving those judges.  If the judge has written any articles that you can find, it could give you a window into their soul.  In Minnesota, there was a cable tv program called, “Meet Your Court“.   Due to budget cuts, “Meet Your Court” no longer airs, but you can get a list of episodes and borrow some of the dvds to watch.  If you cannot find any other information, call them and ask them to tell you why they should be re-elected.

What is truly important,  is to know who we have sitting on the bench, judging our families, our friends, our neighbors and ourselves.  Please do some research.  Find out which judges have been appointed, who appointed them and which ones are elected.  If you get to vote for them, make sure you know who they are before you fill in that oval next to their name.  You have 10 more days.

*Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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