A Flood of Blog Posts!

Sometimes this blogging this is very frustrating!  I oops’d again, just a little bit.

The good news is that I have been able to easily import all of my blog posts from the Door to Happiness Blog and the Court Craziness Blog here, into this blog.  It did not take months like it did when I left my first simple to use website.  THAT was a night mare and I hesitated to make any changes again because of it, but this had to be done. 

When I started my business, I started with a Day in the Life Blog, but when I transferred web hosts, I could not use that same blog name because it was a domain under a different host.  I tried to report everything and it was extremely time consuming.  Because I combined by business, “The Coparent Coach” into my Life’s Doors Mediation business, I decided keeping 2 blogs going no longer made sense so the two have been combined and as of today, the posts are all here.  The little oops I did was to mass publish them, now all the dates say 10/27/13.  It’s always something!

Hey, though, this is progress!


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