A Tale of Two Blogs

As I have mentioned, I am changing the way I do business.  In the past, I have been managing my mediation practice and coaching services.  As I mediator, my focus is on Minnesota, but as a coach, I have been reaching out to people across the nation, and even throughout the world.

When I started out, I found it best to have 2 websites.  That was for professional reasons and also for technical reasons.  On the professional side, reaching out as a coach does turn off some potential mediation clients and I have had to make peace with this fact.  On the technical side, search engines require certain key words to drive traffic, and to focus locally makes it harder to find those high conflict people I hope to work with.  As a mediator, face to face is the best way to go.  There is a way to mediate by phone or internet, but still, face to face works best and my clients are going to be mainly from Minnesota.  As a coach, I can, and often do, work long distance by phone, email or webcam.  So to try to figure out managing my own website in the beginning, it seemed easier to separate the two.  Both pieces of my business operate much differently, and I have to use a different mindset when I am in the different roles.  I have no problem doing this, but have had to deal with people and their perceptions about this.  Operating the two pieces separately has worked fairly well.

Because I am now adding a third piece to my business, with the high conflict diversion program, I have had to revisit running two websites and two blogs.  Being more experienced with mediation, coaching and the people I serve, it makes sense to stop running two websites.  I have made the decision to integrate everything into my mediation practice, Life’s Doors Mediation, but I want to do so in a way that I can meet the needs of those who find me when they are searching for information.  Blogs are a great way for people to find people and services around the world.  I think that my two blogs have important information so I do not want to get rid of either one of them. 

I will no longer maintain the Coparent Coach website.  That website will redirect people to Life’s Doors Mediation website.  The Court Craziness Blog, and the Court Battle Forum, have been integrated into Life’s Doors Mediation’s website so that you can continue to access all of the information that brought you to me, no matter what avenue you went through.  I have never been a fan of the co-parent idea because when it does work, people do not need help to make it work.  When it doesn’t work, it is a nightmare for all and that is where I come in.  I understand how a parallel parenting plan works much better for the high conflict family.  That is why I have decided to drop the Coparent Coach name. 

The only thing that you have to worry about is that this blog will still be here and I will continue to share information, and you can still join the forum to chat with each other.  I have a second blog, “Door to Happiness Blog” that will have more uplifting stories and articles so I encourage you to read them both.

As always, if you have any suggestions for either blog, or wish to tell your story (anonymously), contact me.  I welcome guest bloggers and I know that if you are looking for certain information, it is likely that others are, too.

As for my services, contacting me though Life’s Doors Mediation is the best way to contact me.  The toll free number will still be available for those long distant clients and the website will have the most up to date information about my services.


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