And if Yesterday’s Post Wasn’t Enough…

Hospitals can also take custody of your child.  This crap happens because parents look to systems to help them deal with a jerk in their life.  Typically, in divorce cases, when your ex is psychotic, you look to the law to help.  I have come to the conclusion that the law doesn’t help, they only punish, and they punish you for pointing out someone’s bad behavior.  We have really sick systems in this nation now, unfortunately.

If a hospital starts arguing with you about your child, ask to be transferred to a different hospital.  I’d say run, but that might get your child removed from your care.

Oh, and did I tell you that Obamacare allows for a nurse to report that they are uncomfortable sending you home with your new baby alone?  Guess what?! Parenting Consultants for all.  I will try to post that section if I can find it again in that massive fraud of a law.  In the mean time, read today’s article that has me hopping mad!  Imagine a child who is not feeling well, but is not allowed to be taken care of by her parents?!

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