Celebrities Are Not Immune

I heard this story yesterday about Halle Berry and her ex.  These custody battles get nasty and no one is immune from it.  What I think the courts do not understand is the amount of stress experienced by people going through on going custody battles.  Court authorities like to believe that those who fight over their kids are crazy, but it really is not that the parents are crazy, it is the situation that makes every thing crazy.

When people have their fundamental beliefs challenged and judged, down to every word they say and everything they do, at some point you are going to blow.  People tire of being told what to do.  They also get angry at unsolicited advice, which is what the court system gives you.  What the courts would be wise to do is do the legal paper work of divorce and custody, by following the laws, and stop playing psychologist, when they are not qualified to do so.  Allow people to seek help for what they need, rather than trying to free themselves from all the nastiness in an on going court battle.

The family courts are not helping people.  period.

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