Divorce Coaching Can Give You a New Approach to Communication

One of the most common problems that people have during divorce relates to communication.  How can you communicate with your ex so it doesn’t start a major battle?  Much of what needs to be communicated during this time is of a sensitive nature.

Worse yet, people run into trouble trying to communicate with a parenting consultant or other court authority.  I cannot stress enough how these people are not your friends.  You must make it clear to them what it is you want them to do.  The person who is divorce savvy can keep the interactions of a parenting consultant to a minimum.

If you have gotten off on the wrong foot with over emotional emails or blaming phone calls, you can turn it around.  I help people learn to communicate in a more effective way.  It is never too late to turn things around.  You have to be willing to make the change.  That is really all it takes.

If you need someone in your corner, I can help.  I work with people to review and critique their approach to emails, use of Our Family Wizard, and the telephone interaction that people have with their ex or court authority.  I can explain to you how the message is getting lost in the hostility or how your words can lose the reader.  We can meet in person or I can help by phone, email or sometimes other creative ways of working together.

These are easy things to fix if you have the desire and are ready to stop the fighting.  Consider a visit to Life’s Doors Mediation.  It is a much more affordable way to stop the battle and end the war,  than what  you can get from an attorney.

Image: Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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