Divorce Coaching

I had planned to write a post about Divorce Coaching, but this woman wrote a wonderful post to say many of the same things that I would have written anyway.

I am really thrilled to be a divorce coach.  It is not that I want people to get divorced, I want people who are getting divorce to have someone they can talk to when they have questions about the process.  A lot of questions arise that are not necessarily legal questions.  Not only can I help with that, I try my best to alleviate the fear and anxiety that people suffer through.  

When you get hit out of the blue with a letter from your ex’s or soon to be ex’s attorney, it can scare the bejezus out of you.  Often, these letters are there are there to greet you at the end of the work day.  What happens then?  Your lawyer is not available to answer your questions and calm you down.  The panic sets in and all night long you percolate all night long, only to have arrived at a fast boil by morning.  These things take a toll on a person.

Will I be there in the evening to answer the phone?  Sometimes, but at least if you send me an email or leave me a voice message, I will respond in the morning.  So many times I have seen attorneys not have time to call their client back until late in the day or several days later.  They are busy.  They have to be in court many a morning.  I may be busy as well, but odds are much better that you will be able to talk to me fairly quickly.

There is also the matter of cost.  Because I coach because I want to help people, I charge $50 per hour.  Some coaches charge much more than that, but I do not.  If I were to charge as much as a lawyer, you would be better off going to the lawyer, who can take care of the legal issues.  I keep my hourly rate low because I want to help you through it so that maybe you won’t need a lawyer very long.  If you can learn what things to be afraid of and what things to not be afraid of, you will be more relaxed.  If you are more relaxed, you won’t react with such panic when your ex is just pushing your buttons or putting imaginary deadlines on you for your response to their behavior.  You can also learn to be smart about paying an attorney, how to save up for the big battles so you don’t get nickel and dimed (we wish only nickels and dimes) to death on phone calls that won’t really help you.  A divorce coach can help you with the emotional stuff that lawyers cannot.

If you are interested in divorce coaching, please give me a call.  I have a toll free number and can do coaching by phone and even email if you are not in the twin cities area. Please visit my website for more information.

The Coparent Coach 1-800-516-2446 or email coachmethrough@gmail.com.

Image: nokhoog_buchachon / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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