Divorce Support groups

When I decided to go into business as a mediator, part of my plan was to do divorce coaching, as well as, divorce and coparenting support groups.  It took time to put everything together because when I started this, I still had a year left of weekend college to complete my bachelor’s degree in psychology.  There were many things to do just to start out doing mediation.  It was exciting and overwhelming, all at the same time.

One thing that new business owners do to attract business is to send out introduction letters and business cards.  I sent information to local attorneys and all of my friends and acquaintences.  I made some phone calls, also, when I had time.  Those things helped, but I was always thinking about other places to target.

When I set out to help people, my original thinking was that I would become a licensed psychologist and help people stay out of the court system.  I also wanted to help them find their passions and follow their dreams, not to stay stuck in the sadness that comes from divorce and prolonged court battles.  Through divine intervention I was brought to training as a family court mediator.  I knew this was my calling.  Everything just clicked.  My world was changed.  I was no longer waiting to find out what I would do with my psychology degree.  I knew that mediation fit perfectly into the way I wanted to help people and to fill in the gaps between mediation cases, I decided to do divorce and life coaching.  It all worked very well together and even though the two roles are very different, together they meet my goals and are the perfect vehicles for me to shine through my passions and deliver hope to those going through divorce and life struggles.

One day I took the day off from my day job to work on my websites and other business related things. These are all the fun things I do. Honestly, everyone should have an office! You cannot being to know how hard you will work and how many hours you will put in when you are working for your own success. I can spend all day and evening working on my business and be completely happy if I did not make a dime because I know that some days I will bring in money. It is amazing! I do it because I have a passion for helping people. My passion has two parts to it, it makes me happy to be my own boss, but I also really enjoy helping people.  On this particluar day, I realized that I should send information to local divorce support groups.  People who attend those groups would probably be interested in knowing about my mediation services and my divorce and coparent coaching.  I was very surprised to find that there was not much out there in the way of support groups.  Those I did find, I sent information to, although about one fourth of those were returned to me because those groups were no longer functioning.  I also made some calls to area churches, hoping to find support groups out there, but most churches told me that they didn’t have any groups.  That was very surprising to me because when I started out with the divorce process in 1998, I went to a group at my church.

I attended church sporadically while I was going to weekend college.  Sundays were a very good day to get homework done!  It was always my plan to get back to church after graduation and so when the time came, I returned to my church.  I tried some other churches, but Brooklyn United Methodist was my home and no other church felt right to me.  I approached them with an offer to facilitate a divorce support group.  They welcomed the opportunity.  We do not have all of the details in place yet, but we are working on it.  The church has a new pastor and he needed a little time to get acclimated before we could work on the logistics of a group, but it will be happening by this fall at the latest.

If you live near Brooklyn Center and are interested in attending a divorce support group, feel free to contact me.  Even if you are not a church goer, are not Methodist, and have not attended a group before, I invite you to you to stay tuned for updates.  Once everything is set, I will post all the details.  The group calendar will be on my coaching website so please bookmark that and keep checking back.  Currently, the church welcomes a divorce support group, but I will be offering a coparenting support group, as well, and no, they are not the same things.  Coparenting hell is a different animal than mourning the loss of a marriage/spouse.

I am very excited to have this chance to serve.  There will be no charge for these support groups.  This is my way of giving back for the divine intervention that has lead me to wonderful opportunities in my life and a way to serve my community.  I think it is important to share with people in need and show them how life difficulties can be overcome.  Rumor has it that when there was a support group at this church years ago, some people wound up as couples!  I can’t promise that kind of experience, but I can promise you that you will be supported and have a chance to spend time with others who are struggling with the same things that you are.

It will get posted here when things are all in place!  Until then, you can always talk to me individually, or sign up for the my court battle forum to chat with others in your same situation.  Have a great weekend!

Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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