Domestic Violence and Family Courts: Telling Your Story

This article is a repost from August 7, 2011.

I am not anti-Family Courts because the system did work for me and my

family and it works for a majority of people. It is when there is a high

conflict case that it really works against people, especially children.

Most high conflict cases involve domestic abuse and most of them are

misunderstood by the court authorities. Because of my knowledge of

and experience with high conflict divorce cases, I am committed to

sharing any helpful information that I can. I know that many victims

of Domestic Violence have a desire to tell their story to the world.

They just don’t always know how. I came across this article and

thought I’d share. God bless all of you in that situation and your

children. The trauma will end one day. I hope with all my heart that

you have the support you need to cope. Hang in there!

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