Family Court Fiction

Recent events have given me a reminder of the smack in the face that is the Family Court System.  It is such a scam, such a big lie, really, and I am not going to forget that when I work with you.  I have recently sat with groups of attorneys who  talk about how wonderful parenting consultants are.  Sure, it may all be wonderful for them.  They get to send you to someone else with those hysterical calls you make about what is happening to your kids, but it is not wonderful for you.  It is not wonderful for your kids or anybody, including your extended family. 

I have even sat with parenting consultants who tell you how they do all this do good-er stuff, thinking they are really making a difference in a family’s life.  Oh, they are making a difference all right!  In the end, they admit that no one is really going to do anything to anybody when their decisions are not followed.  They are not.  No one wants to do anything.  The police will not do anything either.  Quite frankly, they don’t want to do the paper work.  Did you know that the police don’t write reports after every call?  I was once told that when they came out, if I told them I requested they make a report, they would have to do it, but that is another lie.  They are not going to do it in most cases and in the realm of Family Court, they will avoid it like the plague.

In Minnesota, we have laws, like this one.  What good is it?  Police are not going to act on it.  Even though the law states that anyone who denies a parent of their parental rights or custody, they will be charged with a felony and fined between $4,000-$8000, the police do not care about it.  They will tell you to go to the family court and get an order that tells them to act on it.  How stupid is that?  You most likely already have an order that tells them who is right, but the police would rather you go and get another order. 

I can assure you that the family court will NEVER send someone to jail.  I have been in rooms where court authorities say  judges do not find that helpful and so they don’t do it.  People might have to work hard if that were going to happen and these court authorities just want you to go away.  It appears that our legislature writes laws to make people think they have done something helpful and they know that nothing is ever going to happen with it.  That’s why Family Court is the way it is.

When your rights are violated, there is no help out there.  No one wants to do anything about it.  Nobody wants to be bothered.  If the other parent won’t allow you to see your kids, that is it.  You won’t get to see your kids.  This is why our kids are so messed up.  When we show them that laws don’t matter and the model is that people will do bad things and not be held accountable, what do we expect from them?  Why should they listen?  It’s a perpetual rotation of people in the Family Court.  Parents go through it and then this is what their kids know and they’ll go through it.  How great is that for Family Court?

How can you parent in a system like this?  How can you be a solid parent when you have to question everything you do because someone is going to judge everything you do?  They are playing a joke on you.  They are playing a joke on your kids.

I am in a unique position.  I am not afraid to tell you their secrets.  When I coach people, I tell you how it really is.  You may have trouble believing it for a while, until you see it in action.  I am someone who is not afraid of these people.  They are more afraid of me.  They fear being exposed for the lie that it is.  You will not find too many people like me out there because people are so afraid of the Family Court System.  I am someone who has experienced the court system just as you have, but I have also experienced from the inside.  I have been trained as a parenting consultant and parenting time expediter.   I am past the point where I need to be afraid of it and I am always happy to tell you all how all of it works and help you come up with a strategy, to cope, to break free, to move on.

I believe that I am here to help you.  I have been given a reminder of how it feels for you.  I know and will not forget hat icky feeling when you suffer the trauma of the system and the helplessness and hopelessness you feel.  I know that the family court system doesn’t really work.  If you want someone to help you who is as disgusted with it as you are, then I am your gal.  I hope you’ll contact me.


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