For My Auntie

Well, I have been neglecting my blogs again.  This time though, it was to be with family.  My favorite aunt has cancer and was not expected to make it through last weekend.  Last Thursday, I had to make an emergent trip out of town to be with my aunt.

My aunt Delores is a wonderful lady.  She is still here with us, but our time together is short.  I hope to have another chance to visit with her this coming weekend.  I had a wonderful weekend with her, even though it was hard to see her so ill and in pain.  Still, she made us laugh and cry and showed a great deal of bravery.  I do not know if I could be so inspiring if I were in her situation.  She was taking it all with a sense of humor and to quote her, “If we don’t laugh, we will cry and what good would that do?”

Right now she is at home with hospice and her loving family around her.  Each day I wake up not knowing if today is the day I will hear that she has passed.  She kept asking me what I would be doing if I didn’t have to deal with this.  I told her that nothing else would keep me from being there with her.

I will be back to blogging soon, but wanted to let you know where I have been and that I have not gone away for long.  This year has been a challenging one for me, but I am going full speed ahead with my commitment to be the best mediator I can be and also to do everything I can to help those of you who struggle with the harsh actions of the family court system.  Many doors are being opened for me in this regard and as I wrote previously, because of current changes in my own family situation, I am now unleashed.  The time for talking and contemplating is done.  It is a time for action.

I am here.  I am a go-getter and will always be here to arm you with information and ways to improve your situation.  I may have some family matters that prevent me from daily blog posts, so stick with me and keep checking back, because soon, I will be back with some great posts and more news about the direction I am going.

In honor of my aunt, I have a request to make of you.  Hug those you love tonight and every night.  Tell them how important they are in your life and how much you appreciate them.  Always make your family and your happiness a priority.  In the end, that is the best any of us can do and is what   will matter the most.


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