Join the New Divorce Support Group at BUMC!

As I mentioned before, the coparent coach was planning a new venue for support groups.  I have been working with my church to put in place a support group to help those experiencing divorce and coparenting issues.  The plan is now complete.

Our first meeting will be on Monday, October 15th, at 7 PM, at Brooklyn United Methodist Church.  At the first meeting, we will decide how often members would like to meet, but for now we are thinking once per month.  There is no fee for the group.  This will be a safe place to talk and to meet others who are going through the same struggle.

Currently, the plan is to start with a divorce support group.  If there is a high turnout or it there is a need to start a second group that has a different need, for example, some people are struggling with coparenting issues, while others are just struggling with loneliness and loss from divorce, a new group will be added.  The support groups will be created for what the members need.

Please join us if you live in the area.  We would love to have you!  If you would like more information, give me a call at 763-486-6906 or email me: to see if the group is right for you.

Remember that I am also to help on an individual basis for those who need a more personal focus for their specific life and divorce issues.

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