Lawyers Are Sometimes Held Accountable

A question that I am asked regularly is, “Who can I complain to?  Will it do any good?”  The answer is, Yes, sometimes lawyers, judges and even parenting consultants are held accountable.

It can be an uphill battle because the legal community wants to make sure that they are not acting on complaints for those who are angry that they lost there case.  Understandably, there are times when a lawyer has done everything they can, but their client still loses.  Family court has what many consider “gray areas”.  There are no laws that can help you when someone is attacking you as a person and uses the courts to harass you.  If you want to file a complaint against a court authority, you must prove that they were unethical or engaged in illegal practices.  You can learn more from the Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board.

Yesterday, I learned that two lawyers from St. Paul have been reprimanded.  When I hear about things like this, I will post it here.  If either one is your attorney, you will need to find a new attorney, at least until they are reinstated.  If you want to see if your lawyer has ever been disciplined, the LPRB website has a search option so that you can find out.  It is always a good idea to check out any attorney that you are considering allowing to represent you.

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