Mistakes Moms Make

Yesterday I reached out to the Liz Library to help me promote my book, “The Parenting Consultant Nightmare“.  Liz declined because she is opposed to joint custody.  I am, too, but I can respect Liz’s opinion.  I am not sure why people neglect the word, “Nightmare” in my book’s title.  The book is not a pro PC book.  Apparently Liz thought it was promoting parenting consultants.  It is not.  No matter.  It was good that it gave me reason to review the Liz Library again.  I had not been there for quite some time and I find much of the information on the site extremely helpful to the parents who are being held prisoner in the Family Court System and I have listed the site in my resources page.

I found out a couple of tidbits from the Liz Library.  One I am going to cover in a new post, but the other is a very accurate article about mistakes moms make in custody cases.  Please read about it here.

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