Now is a Good Time to Think About the Next School Year

I know that school just got out or is almost done, depending on your school district, but one of the most common post decree disputes is where your children will attend school.  This is something you need to deal with sooner, rather than later, because if you wait, you may run out of summer.

Even if you have a parent coordinator or parenting consultant, they may have several families who come to them this time of year for a decision about school.  Do not assume that you are the only family they work with.  Get the issue out on the table.  Maybe there won’t be any issue.  Great.  You can breathe a sigh of relief.

Maybe this will be an issue for mediation.  Again, you want to make sure there is time for resolution before the next school year.  I have known cases where parents have fought about school placement up until the weekend before school and then they decide to ask a judge to make an emergency decision.  That kind of behavior will not work out very well for your child or you.

I know that there are some of you who avoid any interaction with your ex like the plague and with good reason, but if you leave an opening, your ex may just leap in and take charge.  That will not work out well either.

I hope that you and your children get to enjoy summer and not think about any court proceedings.  Summer can be a time when things settle down a little bit.  But you know that if you and your ex cannot agree on anything, you may want to get the ball rolling.  It will be less stressful to resolve these important matters without having to panic under a fast approaching deadline in August.

And don’t forget about those extracurricular activities!


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