Relationship Coach Post for the Guys: Women Fill in the Blanks

Why should guys be more open with the woman in their life?  First off guys, she is always trying to figure you out.  Women want to be pleasers and they think that if they can just figure out why you do the things you do and why you are the way you are, they can make the relationship perfect.  This is why you need to be clear on what you think about the woman, the relationship and the future.

When the woman wants to know what the future holds, if you don’t tell her your expectations, she will fill in the blanks.  Women like to analyze situations.  Since they are emotional creatures, easily able to read people’s emotions, they will try to read your feelings and emotions, too.

Not all women, but some women fear asking you what you think or feel because they fear you will run away at the idea of them getting too close.  They are happy to wait for you to open up about what you want from the relationship or if you love them, but women can be very impatient.  When they are in love, they get anxious wondering about what you are thinking.

When the information is not coming from you, women will seek out advice from almost anyone they know.  They talk to their friends, they talk to other guys, if the other guys don’t know you, they talk to sisters, brothers, parents, coworkers, neighbors, anyone who might help them figure out your long term intentions.  They can and will fill in the blanks, deciding how deeply in love you are, when you may not be there yet, or how you are preparing to dump them.  Many a man will tell you how he was dating some woman and it all seemed to be going good and BAM, she let him have it, dumped him, without explanation.

It would be much better if the information they are seeking comes directly from you and no one else.  Leave an absence of info and the woman will fill in the blanks.  You can prevent that by being open and honest.  If you are not sure if she is “the one”, but you want to get to know her better to find out, tell her so.  If you have no desire to get married or have children, tell her.  It may be hard to do, but it will be even harder if she has filled in the blank, thinking that marriage is on your mind.

If you think she is wondering about you, and possibly filling in the blanks, go ahead and ask her what she is thinking about the relationship so you can set her straight.  If you cannot do that, you are just playing anyway so you should move on and give her the freedom to find what she is looking for.

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