Relationship Coach Post: One for the Guys

A couple of days ago, I wrote a post for the ladies about giving a man the time and space to do things on his own so today I thought I’d be fair and give the men some tips about women.

When your woman comes home after a bad day at work, are you at a loss how to handle her frustration?  Do you feel like she is upset with you when she is venting?  What some men do not know is that women relieve stress by talking.  They unwind by sharing everything that they are feeling.  Unfortunately, men often mistake this emotional unloading as being directed at them.  When women come across as complaining, unhappy and angry, sometimes the man she is talking to takes it personally and think he did something wrong, or he will want to make her feel better and try to fix it.

Here is the secret guys; she just needs you to listen to her.  Don’t tune out, try to listen to what she is saying and be understanding and relax, she is not upset with you.  She is only voicing her frustration about her boss or coworkers.  She may just be feeling overwhelmed with too many things piling up on her at once.  Most likely, it has nothing to do with you.  It is more likely that if she is mad at you, she would actually stop talking to you.  When in doubt, you could ask her if she is upset with you or if there is anything you can do to help.  She will most likely say no and just ask you to listen.  After she gets it all out and starts to relax, the two of you can go on to have a nice evening together.

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