Single Parents Share Housing

Today I was made aware of someone who needs to find a new place to live with her young daughter so it will help her in her custody battle.  I thought, I wonder if I could start some co-op for people who are struggling to make their mortgage payments and single parents, who could pay an inexpensive rent to help the homeowner make their payments?  Well, I am not the only idea person around.  There are already places like that out there.

If you are struggling to find affordable rent or if you are a homeowner who needs help paying the mortgage and has a room or two, or a full basement, available for a single parent and their child, please check these organizations out!

CoAbode is a great service.  They help you by matching potential home sharing people.  They also have resources for child care and education information.  Check them out and if you need to home share, give it a try!

National Shared Housing is another one who matches people with extra space and those who need a home to live in.  You can pay rent and do chores in exchange for low cost rent. 

Coabode seems like it is geared toward women.  I have not found one for men yet, but hey, Dads need help, too.  I will keep searching for one geared towards men and update this post should I find one.  If there isn’t one, this would be a great thing for a smart, tech savvy Dad to start up!

Good luck to all trying to find affordable housing.  Maybe you can find a nice Grandma or Grandpa that needs companionship, who would enjoy sharing their stories with your children.  There are so many good people and programs out there!  What a great country we live in!  The trick is to finding out about these things.  Whenever I find something helpful, I will post it! 

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