Spies, Lies and Custody Wars

As much as I’d love to have a political blog, that is not the purpose for this blog.  I am usually up on the latest in politics, US news and World events.  As I mentioned on election day, there were two things that birthed my love of politics, one was during the Gulf War in 1990.  The other was the quest wot know who were repsonsible for these pathetic family court laws.

I am not sure if any of you have followed the events in Benghazi or with the resignation of David Patreus or not, but I learned about this interesting tidbit earlier today.  Did you know that General Patraeus involved himself in a cusody battle?  It will be fascinating to find out why he did that.  How well does he know this Kelly woman?

I also though it was interested to read blog comments about Mrs. Kelly.  Most commenters on the blog articles I read said something to the effect of, “Wow.  she must be a nuycase to lose custody of her kids.  Moms do not lose custody.  Well, of course we all know that is a weird stereotyping or living in the past.  These days, moms lose custody pretty often and they are judged much more harshly for their actions than men ever were!

Read this article about Jill Kelley and see if any of it is familiar to you.  I would love to read her transcript to see if she was trying to tell the judge her sister was a special consul to South Korea and the judge thought she was nuts.  Can you imagine if she was telling the court that her sister is special consul to South Korea, blah, blah, blah and it made everyone think she was a lying nutcase?  Check it out:


Truth is often times stranger than fiction.

Image courtesy of Kittikun Atsawintarangkul / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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