Thuggery in Systems

I know that there is often more to a story, a you tube video or a court action than meets the eye, but at some point, parents have been stripped of their rights.  It falls under a guise of education, coparenting, family courts, child protection, and many other terms created by people who think they “know better” than you do.  I have the unpleasant task of sitting with professionals who think they know what it is like to have your children withheld from you and who think they know what it is like to be told, no, to be court ordered to “coparent” with an abuser, who really have no understanding what it is like whatsoever.  Still, they are “professionals” who have “degrees” and learned from “educators”.  Well, these systems are quite sick and drunk with power, exactly like the Student resource officer seen below.  Parents, it is time to stand up and say, “I have had enough! These are my children and unless you can terminate my parental rights by taking the steps you can under the law, you have no business telling me when I can and cannot have my children.”  How do we stop this sickness.  People have experiences, not text books when living life. 

If you have children in this school, pull them out.  Enroll them in another school or decide to home school them.  My son excelled at Minnesota Virtual Academy.  Home schooling can now be done with that type of a program.  Find a school that is not on a power trip. 

For those of you “coparenting”, let’s strategize what you can do to stop the systemic sickness building to rob children of their parents.  Most importantly, never give up your role as parent voluntarily.  Never.  Stand strong like this dad:

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