Transition Time


There is a lot going on for the Coparent Coach.  Right now, I am without an office, but that does not mean I am out of business.  I am expanding.  I hope to announce my new office location within the week.  My office location will still be in the north metro.  Until my new office is confirmed, I have use of a space in Blaine so do not hesitate to call for any of my services.  The phone numbers are the same!

I am entering into a co-op arrangement with the Circle of Healing Arts.  We have been looking at shared office space options.  I am very excited to join this group.  Our goals are the same:  to offer healing, relaxation and stress management to help people achieve the life of their dreams.

The reason that I need a bigger space is because I have completed training to be a High Conflict Diversion Program instructor.  My goal is to bring this 12 week program to all areas of Minnesota within the next few years.  For those who are stuck in a mess of on-going court interaction with a hostile co-parent, this class will give you a gateway out of the system.  What I have always tried to do is offer parents ways that they can disengage from the family court system and regain their lives.  When you can escape the family court nightmare, you are better able to focus on your children.  That is huge!  

The first classes will be offered in the north metro, probably Coon rapids, Blaine or New Hope. I will post the registration page, as soon as the location is set and the page is ready, so I hope you will sign up without delay.  Let me know if you are interested in the program so that I can expand to areas of Minnesota where people want me to go.  Also, if you have classroom space available for me to use, give me a call.  I can start a class ASAP, all I need is a classroom.  I am gaining the support of some influential people, including a few judges, so everything is moving in the right direction.  For more info about Minnesota’s piece of the High Conflict Diversion Program , stay tuned.  My page will be added to the main site soon, but if you are not in Minnesota, see if your state is listed. 

My days are extremely busy of late, and that is great news!  I recently joined the Family Innocence Project as a volunteer.  The project is the brain child of attorney, Michelle MacDonald.  My association with Michelle can only be described as divine intervention.  I will write about the amazing story of how Michelle and I connected, years after she was my ex husband’s attorney, in a later post.  No doubt, believers will believe that the hand of God is being felt in the Family Court System.  If you are not familiar with the Family Innocence Project, please visit their website and spread the word.  Or as Michelle MacDonald would say, “Spread the bird!”

I am still a parent leader with Prevent Child Abuse Minnesota.  April is Child Abuse Prevention  month.  Check out all the events on their website and read the book, “The Whole Brain Child” as part of PCAMN’s community book club!  Get involved.  This will be another piece of the Coparent Coach in my new larger location.  I will host Community cafes and parent Learning Institutes.

Last, but not least, my book, “The Parenting Consultant Nightmare“, is still in the editing stages, but I hope to release it any day now.  I will post about the release of the book as soon as it is released.

Everything I am doing is near and dear to my heart.  I am glad to have you on this journey with me.  Stay tuned!

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