We Can’t be Friends

I still have fond memories of my last relationship.  I am in a new relationship now, with the one I have waited my entire life for.  When I hear a song like this, I know I did the right thing the last go around.  My ex boyfriend wanted to stay friends, but I am someone who doesn’t believe you can or should do that.  My thoughts at the time were that we would both seek a new relationship and it did not make sense that we would continue the “friends” thing for long, so why prolong the inevitable?  After all, why would I want to go hang out at my ex’s house with him and a new girlfriend?  Why would she want me there?  Why would I want to take a new love to hang out with my old boyfriend?  To me it would be disrespectful to tell my new love that I was going to go spend time with my ex.  As much as I still respect my ex boyfriend as a person, sometimes relationships have to end.

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