Where Did the Family Court Craziness Blog go?





I was hoping that I could switch blogs over without a hitch, but that did not happen.  I am still trying to move all my blog posts over from the old host site to the new host site.  What I had wanted to do was use word press, but I could not seem to get that to do what I wanted it to do.  Even though I have 2 sons who are technological wizards, it all turned out to be very time consuming.


I am now set up with a new web host.  My new website for coaching, The Coparent Coach is now active and I switched my mediation website to a new host.  Eventually all of my old blog posts will be listed on one or the other or both. 


I am in my last semester of my Bachelor’s degree and it is very challenging.  I am finding it very time consuming as well.  Bear with me and in about a month or so my free time will increase dramatically.  I hope to post something for each site daily when that time comes.


The coparent coach blog will focus on the nightmare that is the family court system, trying to coparent with a hostile ex and life coaching issues, such as dating, relationships, career, school issues and parenting.


Life’s Doors Mediation’s blog will focus on mediation, divorce information and inspirational things related to moving forward after life difficulties.  I may throw in some parenting and dating posts now and then, too.


I hope to have a post later today called Dating Downers since it is Valentine’s Day and all, provided I have time with my busy work day, the dentist this afternoon and must spend Valentine’s Day with my sweetie tonight.


For me, life is all about balance.  That is the stone I picked at the end of my Anger Management program.  Balance.  I am struggling to balance life these days.  If I was coaching anyone struggling with balancing life, my advice to them would be to give up something if possible.  For me, school will be going away soon and so for now, I will have to juggle things for a bit longer.  Juggling is fine as a temporary deal, but if you find you juggle everything all the time, you might want to take a look at that and refocus or cut back where you can.


Happy Valentine’s Day!


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