Working on a Project

I have been working on a project.  It is now completed on my end, but there are a few details left before the full reveal comes.  This is why I have been neglecting the blog.  For those who continue to visit, thank you for continuing to check back.

I was struggling to get everything done in a timely fashion so I finally had to drop many things and just get the job done.  I hope that it will be worth the wait and I hope it will be helpful for all of my readers.

Life is about balance.  Once I learned that, life opened up to new experiences.  I make time for friends, family, the love of my life, clients, blogging, volunteering and learning new things, plus, I still have to make a living when business is slow.  If you notice a lack of posts here, it is usually because I am working on a project.  There will be more and more projects coming and hopefully, nothing will take me away from the blog for long.

This blog is supposed to be interactive, too, so feel free to comment on what is posted here.  Also, if I am missing in action, feel free to email me and ask, “What’s up?”  Most importantly, if you’d like to see an article on a certain topic, or if you enjoy writing and want to tell your story, please contact me.  There are ways to tell your story without exposing your identity.  I recommend that if you have some on going court proceedings, be careful about what you put out on the internet, it can hurt your case. 

I am open to guest bloggers, too.  I did utilize some before moving my blog, but have not yet had time to implement a guest blogger search.

Now that my project is in the finalization phase, I hope to get back to posting at least a few times per week.  Stay tuned!


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