You Have the Right to Remain Silent…

Anything you say can and will be used against you.

Oh, yeah.  Berlin.  Awesome.  Whenever I hear a song that is well suited to those in the family court nightmare I have to add it.  On a side note, Berlin was one of my favorite bands ever.  I can’t believe that I never thought to listen to them during my court ordeal.  I was into really angry music then so I guess this might have been too tame.

Music was my first love and I enjoy sharing it.  I hope to introduce some not so well known artists to people who have never been exposed to it before.  I think music really does soothe the savage beast and when you are going through difficult times it can be a brief escape from what you are going through…or maybe I was a DJ in a past life.  No matter.  Enjoy (and if you like it, buy it) Love Life :

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