Embracing Change

Image courtesy of Jumpe / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

My blog service provider is making some changes and so you will notice changes to my blog going forward.  I hope to get all previous posts on this blog soon.  All of these changes are right in line with my goal of getting back to regular blogging.  Things have changed so much for me in the past year or so, and much of what I was working on took me away from the things I needed to work on.  The good news is that I am refocusing my time to spend it the way I started out originally.  This does not mean that I will discontinue my volunteer work, but it means prioritizing and growing Life’s Doors Mediation.  Partnerships are important and rewarding, but I have been called to do this work and I will make sure that it takes priority in my life.

There is no reward greater to me than when I see people who have been devastated by the Family Court System begin to their move their life in a positive direction, away from the Family Court.  Answers are not found there.  Search somewhere else. Search within yourself for answers.  Let’s regroup.  Let’s head in the right direction.  That includes me.

Thank you for all your support.



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