Her is another important post from Vincent Egoro. Many of my clients can use this kid of information!

Vincent Egoro

photo credit: http://blush.com.pk/ photo credit: http://blush.com.pk/ Below are the characteristics of an abusive or violent person according to Sandra L. Brown M.A (psychotherapist, lecturer and consultant in the field of psychopathology)
1. Talks down on you, criticizes you, calls you names, or otherwise uses belittling language against you.
2. Refers to his or her previous partners in negative, demeaning ways
3. Attempts to control or dominate your life choices, small or large.
4. Tries to dictate your spiritual or religious beliefs
5. He or she is frequently irritable
6. Raises his or her voice, yells or screams, even when carrying on a normal conversation.
7. Yells and screams and seems “too worked up” when he or she gets into an argument with you.
8. Has a history of assaults against other people
9. Becomes violent or out of control when using drugs or alcohol
10. Punches walls or throws things when angry

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