Metaphors, Parables, and Literal Translations

Things are not always what they seem and sometimes it is hard to get all the facts. The big piture is to stay open minded. It is when we think that something is bad that we shut down and cower in fear. When we think we know everything, we don’t live with the joy of observing and embracing things we don’t understand. All I know is that when I live through my faith, amazing things happen!

See, there's this thing called biology...

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

Something that keeps coming up, mostly from talking with atheists, is this idea that the bible is not historical fact. God cannot be proven therefore He doesn’t exist. People always want proof, verifiable facts, non-testimonial evidence, realism, objective reality, absolute truth. Peer reviewed science papers!

It makes me laugh, not in mockery, in envy! Envy, with a lemon twist of cynicism on the side and a bit of gallows humor. See, I don’t even live in that world. I can hardly even comprehend what it must be like. I don’t mean that unkindly, it’s simply that I have learned over and over again that our own perceptions of reality, are not reality. We as humans, don’t even have the wherewithal to understand reality, even if all the facts were laid out before us. This concept…

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