Life’s Doors Mediation’s Newest Class

In my work, I coach people who are living the nightmare of having a controlling ex spouse and a Parenting Consultant/Parenting Coordinator judging their every move.  I see the same mistakes over and over in working with and understanding just what the heck a PC is trying to do.  I explain this repeatedly.  I am also frequently upset over that the fact that no one else explains this to you.  Many attorneys do you this disservice of talking you into having a PC when you were never told all the ramifications of having one.  After reading a particularly nasty case for one of my clients and making notes to her about why things were happening or not happening, an idea was born.  I am now offering classes to educate parents about parenting consultants and parenting coordinator (same crap, different name).  One class is geared toward those who still have an out, the parent who is just starting to consider getting one.  The other is geared toward the parents who have been sucked into this process and are living in hell.

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