Fix Me (Ricky Hil feat. Leona Lewis): A Song About Grief and Loss

Music is very healing!

Family Court Injustice

A song about grief and loss… 

“Fix Me” by Ricky Hil and Leona Lewis is so deep and haunting…

“Fix Me” reminds me of what it is like to grieve the loss of my children. The loss is so deep, at times I can hardly breathe because the memories I hold in my heart are so heavy on my chest. 

“Will you fix me, will you show me how to breathe, Before all is gone and my hope is lost, baby…”
“Fix Me” also reminds me of the very real grief and loss experienced by a parent who has lost custody and/or been forcibly separated from a child(ren) due to an unjust family court or CPS/DHS order.  Parents who have been alienated from their children also experience similar emotions, and also go through a grieving process. The parent does go through the stages of grief, and will experience a range of emotions, these feelings…

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