Minnesotans have been Discouraged from Selecting their Judges

Thoughts on Life and the Law

Under a constitutional democracy, freedom, liberty, and personal independence exist only if society compels the institutions of government to be governed by the rule of law. Under such a system, the necessary condition that must exist before the law can be useful in restoring freedom and liberty is the equal sharing of power between the various institutions of government. However, such co-existence and equal sharing of power is not sufficient to guarantee preservation of individual rights under a constitution. Such a guarantee exists only if the members of each of the executive branch, the legislative branch, and the judicial branch are held to account to society for their decisions and actions. In Minnesota, the constitutional right of the voters to hold the judiciary accountable has been severely restricted by a set of laws that: (1) strongly discourage challenged judicial elections; (2) encourage those voters who do vote for judges to…

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