My Faith, My Quote

My strong faith makes some people nervous and there have been some who have told me not to mix God and business.  That’s crazy.  If it wasn’t for God, I would not be in this business!

Today God is doing amazing things with me and through me.  Truly amazing.  I came up with a quote:

Life with God is a joy ride and not a roller coaster~ Susan Carpenter 12/20/14

3 thoughts on “My Faith, My Quote

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    1. I could probably help you. It sounds like you may think your purpose is one thing, when in fact, that is a part of a bigger purpose. As I have gone on this journey of starting my own business, I have misread some connections that were brought before me. They lead me to be distracted thinking that I should get involved with similar interests, but when I focus only on my purpose, what I know God wants me to be doing, the next steps come to me. I now know that I am very close to the big picture that I did not see originally. Look around and see if you are being distracted by others, or other’s causes, and then become focused only on you. You can support other people emotionally and my spreading the word about them, but always get back to what you want to be doing. When things are not going in the right direction, look at how much time you are giving to your goals and how much time you are giving to unrelated things. You will probably find that when things are not going well, you are not putting enough energy in the right places.


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