The Destruction of Marriage

See, there's this thing called biology...

There are numerous articles and studies out right now that speak to the decline of marriage in the Western world, something that has now fallen below 50%. Some 70% of young men are not getting married.

Marriage is not really on the decline in America, it is actually being picked to death and deliberately dismantled.

Many feminists have been working towards the elimination of marriage for decades, thought to be a cornerstone of patriarchy and once eliminated will pave the way towards more equality. Many Men’s Rights advocates speak to the horrors of marriage, unfair divorce laws, economics, our legal system. There are MGTOW’s and men boycotting marriage. The LGBT lobby desires marriage rights for all and a complete redefinition of the entire concept of marriage. Our government has gotten in on the action too, and created numerous stumbling blocks to marriage, welfare policies, no default divorce, tax penalties, economic…

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