Author Bio

Susan Carpenter is the owner and founder of  Life’s Doors Mediation in Golden Valley, MN, where she is a qualified rule 114 mediator, parenting consultant, parenting time expeditor and parent coach.  High Conflict U was created to offer E-Courses that clear up some of the confusion parents experience in the system.

Susan Carpenter is a relationship coach, Author and Parent Educator with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Her focus is on communication, relationships, family conflict and dynamics, and gender differences in communication, stress management, parenting and conflict. She is an expert on relationships involving high conflict divorce, domestic violence, adult children of alcoholics/dysfunction, and adults who experienced trauma as a child. Susan also wrote the book, “The Parenting Coordinator and Consultant Survival Guide” to help parents understand that process to utilize their PC more effectively.  Susan went through her own personal 8 year journey through the confusion of Family Court.  She helped herself through it and she can help you, too.  You can contact Susan through her website or by calling (763) 566-2282.