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Leavers vs. the Left from lessonsfromtheendofamarriage

This piece, about what happens to the people that leave relationships abruptly and/or with deception, caused quite a stir on Facebook recently. The comments fell into two camps: “Thank you for validating my experience” and “I’m the one who left my marriage and I’m tired of being painted as the bad guy.” The reaction got me […]

via The End of a Relationship: The Leavers and The Left — Lessons From the End of a Marriage


Thoughts From High Conflict U

As someone who has been working for almost 20 years to help parents navigate the very choppy waters of family court, I get a fair amount of calls and emails from parents who feel overwhelmed with how off track their case has become. High conflict cases snowball into unimagineable craziness and parents desperately want […]

via Who Do You Recommend for a Parenting Coordinator or Consultant? — High Conflict U

Merry Christmas!

I have some thought provoking posts coming, but they are not appropriate for today.  Instead, enjoy some hope at Christmas.  Merry Christmas to you and your family!  I always pray for God’s blessing for you.  For anyone who is experiencing the trauma of Family Court’s oversight of your family, I know how difficult this time can be.  I also know that the holidays can be a time of dread and fear for you.  That is not how it is supposed to be.  You deserve peace, happiness, and laughter!  Life’s Doors Mediation is wishing you a peaceful 2015.

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