Friday Song Post May 30, 2014

This song just makes me want to go for a drive on a sunny afternoon (to the beach). Enjoy this Song by Touch and Go-“Life’s a Beach”

I love how this song builds

and then softens again.

Music was always my first love.  It is now my second love that I get share with my first love.  There is nothing better than life with someone who shares your passions.  If you have loved and lost, as portrayed in this video, believe it, better things are coming.  Believe it.

Let’s Lighten the Mood a Little

After the posts this week and my own feelings of being stifled lately, let’s say we lighten the mood with a little music.  Maybe lighten isn’t quite the right word.  This video is a little dark.

My son turned me on to this song and then he told me that Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger are married????  I had no idea.  I think their love story is kind of great (they always start out that way,, don’t they :-p ), but my first thought was: isn’t he old enough to be her dad?  Well, no worries, still a great song!

Enjoy!  Happy Friday!

Coming Out on Top

Scott Stapp has certainly had his struggles in life.  This comes through in his lyrics and his passion is always apparent.  Here is an article about Scott’s new CD coming out soon, Proof of Life.

First, enjoy his new single, Slow Suicide and scroll down for one of my favorite’s from Scott’s last CD, the Great Divide.