High Conflict Central

What is High Conflict?

High conflict families can end up in the clutches of the family court system in an endless battle of minutia.  Parents should put a stop to the nonsense as much as possible.   When you are engaged in battle with the other parent, neither of you are focusing on the children.   At High Conflict Central, we understand what you are going through and that you are doing the best you can given what you have to work with.  You should not continue to suffer.  There are better ways to deal with a difficult co-parent.  We teach you how to deal more effectively with all the players and we only need to work with you to show improvement on your case.

Families experiencing high conflict have multiple interactions with the court and rarely find the answers they seek from the legal system.  It often boils down to a heart issue.  People who come to the table in good faith can resolve issues, but when anyone is acting in bad faith other options must be considered.

Parents experiencing high conflict want nothing more than to regain their freedom.  Many have experienced trauma in their past, such as domestic violence, codependence, or a partner with chemical dependency issues. They may have grown up in a dysfunctional family and not know what it is like to communicate and interact in healthy ways.  Those parents need understanding and education.  With an awareness about how they got here and what drives the battle, they can slowly make changes to improve their lives.

We work to help families move beyond family court and break the cycles that keep them imprisoned. While there is no magic formula to “fix” high conflict families,   High Conflict U can help you be empowered to find more constructive ways to co-parent and help you redefine your relationship as divorced parents.

We offer valuable information and courses over at High Conflict Central.   For starters, try our free e-course and learn the difference between a Parenting Consultant and Parenting Time Expeditor.


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